Existing Client  Prices

On-the -Go Color Services

All luxury color service prices include olaplex #1 and color blowdry

Diamond Kiss                           

Color Melt to refresh your highlights from roots to ends. Perfect if you are loving your color as-is, but lack luster and shine! Every 6-7 weeks.

Express Sparkle

Face Frame/ Mini Highlights for the signature Money Piece highlights that frame the face or a sprinkle of highlights throughout the top with a gloss. Perfect service for a quick pick me up! 


Sparkle Me                     

Partial Foils, my go-to service to maintain your custom highlights. This service covers the top, crown, sides and front hair line to refresh your look with a color melt.  A touch up service for 6-8 week services.





Luxury Lightening Services

All luxury color service prices include olaplex #1 and color blowdry

Specialty Highlights 

Aka The Works this service is used to create custom specialty highlights for you. Using techniques like baby lights, foilayage and/ or balayage + color melt. Perfect for max blonding, grey blending, and balayage looks.

Glow Up

Foils throughout the entire head + color melt. Perfect for dimensional looks or a touch up to your existing custom highlights. A touch up service for services that were pushed 9-12 weeks.

Color Correction

Pricing per hour and determined at consultation.

$357 +




Add On Services


Add a custom haircut to any color service.

High End Hair Treatments                     

I offer my clients a few different luxury hair treatments that you will soon be addicted too! (included are Olaplex, Split End Corrector and Malibu C Wellness treatments) 

Middle Level Deep Conditioning Treatments                    

My conditioning treatments include a hot towel and 10-15 minutes under the heat lamps to help infuse the deep conditioner into the cuticle

Entry Level Hair Maques                     

A quick 5 -7 minute hair mask that provides instant results.






Luxury Lightening Services

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I am needing a partial highlight or a full highlight?

How do you determine the final pricing on your services?

I generally only use partial highlights for touching up an existing clients custom highlights that they have received from me.  

I use full highlights if you are wanting to be brighter or add more dimension to your look.


If you are new client and wanting a touch up to your existing highlights, I still recommend a a New Client Color Session with me as it will be our first appointment together. 

See my New Client page for more details.

Listed above our my starting prices. These prices change depending on the amount of extra product that is used. If a client has very long hair or very dense hair then they will need more product and each additional bowl of color is $15.

Final pricing will always be discussed during consultation before I began any service.

How can I ask if you are able to achieve the look I am going for?

I have an online virtual consultation form that you can fill out and include pictures of your hair as well as your inspiration pictures. I will review your answers and get back to you within 24 hours.

What is the difference between grey coverage and grey blending?

I choose to blend my clients grey sparkles with strategically placed highlights to camouflage and blend the highlights to their natural sparkles. This allows clients to go longer in between touch-up appointments. 

Where do I find out how much extensions cost?

Please refer to my extensions page. I have listed starting prices as well as maintenance information.